Scuba diving Fiji – Naqalia Lodge – Wayalailai island – Yasawa islands

by Marco Esposito 17/05/2014 diving-Fiji-Mantaray resort-Naqalia Lodge-Wayalailai island

Scuba diving Fiji, Naqalia Lodge. Wayalailai island, Yasawa islands

Naqalia Lodge… 8.30 a.m. another beautiful day in Fiji .. After breakfast we are ready to go scuba diving. Today the visibility is over 25 mt. and the water is warm like usually. The dive of today is reef wall start at 17 mt deep to 25 mt .. An amazing day to discover the stunning underwater world of Fiji … We will see sharks, amazing corals, stone fishes, groupers, tuna and much more .. We are just 3 of us with Sao our dive master and his brother. Sao is one of the most experienced divers in Fiji. He has an impressive Curriculum of dives and he has been working for years doing research in the Pacific. He know all the best spots around. All the gear is brand new. W will enjoy … The cost for one dive is 120 FJD , but the are some interesting packages with 5 and 8 dive.

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