Wedding Celebration Fiji Islands
The spectacular feeling of a special day
Wedding Celebration Fiji Islands
Your dream became true, the perfect wedding
Wedding Celebration Fiji Islands
Fresh and tropical fruits buffet
Wedding Celebration Fiji Islands
Simply decoration to " Frame a dream "
Wedding Celebration Fiji Islands
An altar at the seaside

Welcome to Naqalia lodge, Fiji Yasawa islands


Wedding……The perfect recipe to make your dream come true

Naqalia Lodge is a small resort, where you can celebrate the perfect day with your family and friends. Blue sky, turquoise water, and a pure white sandy beach will make your Fijian beach wedding a must.
We can reserve the entire resort for you and your guests just to make you feel at home and to have privacy to share these unforgettable moments just with your loved ones. You will enjoy the food and the ambiance created by your Naqalia family, and we will help you to make your dreams come true.
Weddings in Fiji are recognized as legal worldwide.
To get married you will need:
Minimal age – 18 years old for both -
Birth certificates
Passports with valid legal status
If applicable, divorce certificate
If previous spouse is deceased, a death certificate
Marriage license (the price for a license is between 20 and 32 FJD)
The Registry offices open from 9.00 am – 3.00 pm Mondays to Fridays.
The office is closed on weekends and public holidays.


A Fijian honeymoon is something that you will always remember, like one of the most memorable and magical moments of your life.
Our package can be tailored for different budget and expectation.
We offer a Basic Package that can be appreciated by everybody.
4 nights the 5th will be free
3 meals (breakfast can be served on the terrace next to the bure)
Special Lobster dinner on the beach
Free massage 30 min each
PRICE for couples 1,400 FJD



Modern Fiji’s national dress is the sulu, which resembles a skirt. One type worn by both men and women is the Sulu a wrap around piece of rectangular material which is elaborately decorated with patterns and designs of varying styles. This is for more casual and informal occasions.
Many men, especially in urban areas, also have Sulu vaka taga, which is a tailored sulu and can be worn as part of their suit. Many will wear a shirt with a western-style collar, tie, and jacket, with a matching Sulu vaka taga and sandals, this type of sulu can be worn to a semi-formal or formal occasions. Even the military uniforms have incorporated the Sulu vaka taga as part of their ceremonial dress.

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In Fiji you will generally experience a mild tropical climate in winter months. The weather varies from Viti Levu to the Yasawas islands. On the main island nights will be cool, perhaps 16-20 degrees Celsius with some spells of cloudy weather and rain. The days are generally hot and humid. Yasawas islands, instead, enjoy hot and dry conditions most of the time, with the highest number of sunny days in Fiji.

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