Naqalia Lodge
Naqalia Lodge - Fiji Resort
Naqalia Lodge is located on the small island of Wayalailai in the heart of the Pacific Ocean
Naqalia Lodge
Naqalia Lodge - Wayalailai island Fiji
Naqalia Lodge. A family resort surrounded by nature and the local culture
Naqalia Lodge - Fiji Resort
Naqalia Lodge. Dinner on the beach
Naqalia Lodge - Wayalailai island Fiji
Naqalia Lodge. The place where you can deeply live the beauty of the flora and fauna
Naqalia Lodge
Naqalia Lodge - Yasawa Islands Fiji
Naqalia Lodge. Amazing kayaks tours to discover the beauty of Fiji
Naqalia lodge - Fiji Islands vacation
Stunning landscapes and breathtaking views of all the Yasawa Islands
Naqalia lodge - Fiji Islands vacation
Naqalia Lodge. Pristine reef and white sand beach typical of the Fijian islands
Naqalia lodge - Get married in Fiji
Naqalia Lodge. Your dream became true , the perfect wedding.

Welcome to Naqalia Lodge, Fiji Yasawa islands


Naqalia Lodge, your unique slice of paradise

Fiji is an archipelago of more than 332 islands, of which 110 are permanently inhabited, scattered around the reef-strewn Koro Sea in the southwest Pacific Ocean.
The majority of Fiji’s islands were formed through volcanic activity starting around 150 million years ago. The population is 50% native Fijian and 45% Fijian Indians.
In the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Fiji is the perfect place for an unforgettable holiday with some of the most famous white sandy beaches, pristine reefs and great flora and fauna.

The first settlers of Fiji arrived around 1500 BC. The history of Fiji and its first inhabitants remains something of a mystery prior to this, as the Fijian people depended on memory in the absence of written language.
However, it’s widely agreed that two distinct groups of people, the Melanesian and Polynesian, first settled Fiji, and today, those enjoying holidays in Fiji are more interested than ever to learn about these peoples and their influences.

Naqalia Lodge is a dreamy location for both weddings and honeymoons, an amazing challenge for eco-lovers adventures, and for sure a once in a lifetime holiday for anyone who loves to relax and escape from their every day life.

Naqalia Lodge – The Lodge

Naqalia Lodge. The perfect place for your stunning holiday

Naqalia Lodge is a charming and traditional community-owned resort located on the little island of Wayasewa (Wayalailai). The Tagova Clan built the lodge using local artisans, for the purpose of sharing their beautiful and pristine area with visitors from all over the world.
Naqalia Lodge is found in a secluded Fijian landscape with a magnificent volcanic backdrop and palm-fringed white sandy beach. It is possible to snorkel in the turquoise water, where the pristine reef and the vibrant marine life await you. For the more adventurous there are natural forests for hiking, the ocean for free diving, cave diving or kayaking and plenty of other activities. Or just feel free to laze on the beach enjoying the tranquility, panoramic views, traditional hospitality, and Fijian style cuisine, courtesy of your Naqalia family!
Naqalia Lodge is the perfect place for your honeymoon, your Fijian style wedding, an adventure trip enjoying the water activities or just a relaxing experience surrounded by the Melanesian culture and tradition.

Naqalia Lodge – Services and Facilities


Daily Housekeeping
Laundry Service
Arrival/Departure Point Transfers (included in price)
Babysitting (complementary)
Welcome Drinks on Arrival
Breakfast Buffet
Afternoon Tea and Coffee
Free Guided Activities


Mobile Phone Reception
Drinkable Tap Water
Shaded Hammocks
Volleyball Court
Kayaks (rentals)
Living Room/Sitting Area
Back-up Power Generator
Internet Available
Private Bathroom
Meeting/Banquet Space
Mosquito Coils & Nets
Safe at Reception
Gift Shop
First Aid Kit


Fiji Yasawa Island rates
The best way to discover the wild world of Fiji

Naqalia Lodge – Scuba Dive Package

Diving in Fiji offers the Scuba Enthusiast a combination of the most dramatic vertical wall terrains, colorful coral (hard corals, soft corals, brunch corals etc.), a lot of different kind of sharks and a large variety of tropical fishes! In addition, there are the most optimal scuba diving conditions in the World: visibility’s of greater than 100 feet and average “in the water” temperatures of 83 degree.
Around Wayasewa island there are over then 30 different sites where you can experienced different kind of dives: cave dive, drift dive, sharks dive, deep dive and more.
Naqalia Lodge is affiliated with Tropical Yasawa Diving Centre that with their professional guided will make you enjoy the beauty of our pristine reef.

Naqalia Lodge – Kayak tours

Kayaking is one of the greatest ways to explore and discover the beauty of Fijian nature. Kayaks are small paddle boats that are very maneuverable and can be navigated through very shallow waters. This allows the paddler to be able to access spots that are out of reach for larger motor-driven boats. The Yasawa Islands are a sea kayaker’s delight. A region of sparkling azure waters and white sandy beaches with palm trees, beautiful coral reefs, and colorful fishes.
We can arrange any kind of tours
Relax and take in the exquisite scenery as you paddle around Wayalailai with your personal guide, snorkeling and swimming in the blue water of the Pacific Ocean.
If you want an extra challenge, we can arrange custom tours, where we can cover more islands using different kinds of accommodation (camping, village stay, resort) . Every Kayak adventure is different and may include snorkeling, hiking and sea cave exploration.
You may see tidal pools, sharks, sea turtles, dolphins, and colored fishes, while wild parrots can at times be seen flying overhead.

Naqalia Lodge – Availability & Bookings

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Don’t forget


Sunscreen . The sun can be brutal and suntan lotion is very expensive to buy in Fiji.
Underwater Camera. The best way to have great memories of this stunning part of the world
Memories cards & Batteries. You will not have electricity all the time.
Power converter & Adaptor. Different plugs and power depending on which country you are coming from
Mask and snorkel. Feel more comfortable wearing your own gear.
First aid kit. Just to take care of possible reef cuts mosquito bites
Mosquito repellent lotion. To avoid some annoying bites

In Fiji you will generally experience a mild tropical climate. The weather varies from Viti Levu (main Island) to the Yasawas islands. On the main island nights will be cool, perhaps 16-25 degrees Celsius with some spells of cloudy weather and rain. The days are generally hot and humid. Yasawas islands instead, enjoy hot and dry conditions most of the time, with the highest number of sunny days in Fiji.

Detailed forecast



Naqalia Lodge – Availability & Bookings

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