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The Fijian culture is quite different from the all the western countries. Time in Fiji moves according to the meals and the tides because scheduling of events usually depends on these things. Even though everything happens on “Fiji time“, this doesn’t mean that they don’t work hard. Vice versa they take pleasure to contribute to the community life, farming, fishing, building improving their villages. In the history of Fiji, the sea has been a scenery of hundreds of battles involving canoes and “Druas” . The Drua is double hulled canoe, that can involve in its construction all the people of the village, can carry 150 warriors and can be over 70 feet long. There are many celebrated people in Fiji that have dedicated their own life and careers to protecting and promoting Fiji’s culture by keep alive in all the Fijians the consciousness for a right balance between the land, the sea and the life.


Rugby, swimming, soccer, water polo, volley this are all sports that can be practiced with no much, but we are looking forward to get some basic gear to make the kids get closer to the sports.
Involving the kids in some sport activities can improve their self-confidence and self-esteem, while providing an opportunity to learn new skills and both respect and leadership.


Fiji lies in an area usually touched by hurricane o really strong tropical storms. Mostly between November and April but the peak time is January and February, averaging between 10 to 15 per decade and 2 to 4 will do some severe damage. The Yasawa islands have been affected by one of this monster of the nature, and the marks it left are still visible. Sometime is hard to fix or rebuild for plenty of reasons, but the Fijians have never stopped to live their lives in their villages, and to keep their community strong and tight, and for sure they never will. Is not money that we are asking for, but we surely would love to have your participation.


Sailing brings you back to fundamentals. Spending time on a boat seems to bring out the best in human. Nature is more powerful than us. We harness its forces to our best ability and it can be a wild exhilarating ride. Then there are quiet moments that take ourselves deep into our memories where seas and skies provide moments of pure beauty. The purpose is to keep an interest on what the ancestors have dedicated their time and passion. Is more than just a sailing school, is an experience were all the kids of the village can enjoy the emotions on the water….
Absolutely safe also for the little one!!! After the beginners course children can continue to improve their skills , in small groups , under constant supervision, they practice to keep the boat under control and maybe one day such passion will even become their life.


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In Fiji you will generally experience a mild tropical climate in winter months. The weather varies from Viti Levu to the Yasawas islands. On the main island nights will be cool, perhaps 16-20 degrees Celsius with some spells of cloudy weather and rain. The days are generally hot and humid.Yasawas islands, instead, enjoy hot and dry conditions most of the time, with the highest number of sunny days in Fiji.

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