Coral reefs – Part I

by Marco Esposito 25/02/2015

Coral reefs

Corals belong to the group of simple animals (Cnidarians), with a nervous system but no brain. A coral reef’s structure is made up of millions of these animals together with diverse types of algae, seaweed and sponges. Coral reefs are one of the most diverse and beautiful natural environments on earth. They are highly diverse and productive, best grown in oceanic waters with low levels of nutrients. Corals can form only in relatively clear, shallow and warm waters but not too warm. The Fiji Corals survive in seawaters up to 30°C.

Corals live in symbiosis (interdependent relationship) with tiny algae called zooxanthellae. The microscopic sized algae transform sunlight and together with the waste of the coral polyp make sugars through photosynthesis. The sugar makes up 98% of the coral polyps diet. This is why the corals are found in shallow waters, as they require sunlight to survive. The zooxanthellae algae give the corals their fantastic color of pink, green yellow and brown.

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